A cameraman has a video camera over his shoulder, he is capturing content at a work event.
November 15, 2023 4 min read

Capture the Moments: The Power of Content Creation at Work Events

By Liam Macleod

In today’s digital age, capturing the moments and creating compelling content has become an essential part of any successful marketing strategy. Whether it’s a conference, a team-building activity, or a product launch, work events provide a valuable opportunity to generate content that can enhance the image of your company. In this blog, we will delve into the importance of content creation at your work events, the benefits it offers, and how this content can be harnessed to improve the overall perception of your organization.

Preserving Memories and Experiences

Work events are often filled with valuable experiences, breakthrough ideas, and inspiring moments. By capturing these moments, you create a treasure trove of memories that can be revisited and shared with employees, stakeholders, and clients. Whether it’s through photos, videos, or written accounts, documenting these events helps preserve the essence of the occasion, ensuring that the impact of the experience lasts long after the event has concluded.

Building Authenticity and Trust

In the digital era, authenticity is highly valued. By capturing content at work events, you can create authentic and transparent narratives about your company culture, values, and achievements. This content provides a glimpse into the real-life experiences of your employees, showcasing their dedication, expertise, and passion.

Sharing these moments with your audience fosters trust, as it humanizes your organization and demonstrates its commitment to transparency.

Looking for a team of content creators for your next event?

Showcasing Expertise and Thought Leadership

Work events often attract industry experts, keynote speakers, and thought leaders. Capturing their presentations, insights, and expertise allows you to create valuable content that positions your company as an authority in your field. Whether it’s in the form of live-streamed talks, recorded interviews, or written summaries, this content can be shared across various platforms to enhance your company’s reputation and attract a wider audience.

Amplifying Brand Awareness and Reach

Sharing compelling content from work events allows you to amplify your brand’s reach. When attendees, speakers, and participants share the content on their own social media channels, it exposes your company to a broader audience who may not have been aware of your brand previously. Through hashtags, tags, and geolocation, you can leverage the power of social media to extend the reach of your content and engage with potential customers or clients.

Enriching Marketing and Communication Strategies

The content captured at work events can serve as a valuable resource for your marketing and communication strategies. By repurposing this content, you can create engaging blog posts, newsletters, case studies, and social media campaigns.

Additionally, videos and photos can be incorporated into promotional materials, brochures, and presentations. By utilizing this content effectively, you can craft compelling narratives that resonate with your target audience, resulting in increased brand recognition and customer engagement.

Capturing content at work events goes beyond simply documenting moments; it offers an array of benefits for your company’s image and brand recognition. By preserving memories, building authenticity, showcasing expertise, amplifying brand awareness, and enriching marketing strategies, the content generated at these events can significantly improve your company’s reputation and impact.

Embrace the power of content creation at your work events and leverage it to elevate your organization’s image in the eyes of your employees, stakeholders, and the wider world.

November 8, 2023 4 min read

Opinion – The End of WeWork and the Rise of the Remote Era

By Liam Macleod

In the not-so-distant past, WeWork was hailed as the future of work. It promised flexibility, community, and the elimination of the traditional office’s stuffy cubicles. Fast forward to today, and the WeWork era has come to a screeching halt, giving rise to the remote era. This seismic shift has left us pondering the merits of remote work and reevaluating the role of the office in our lives.

WeWork’s meteoric rise and subsequent fall provide a captivating case study of a company that epitomized the office-sharing trend but ultimately succumbed to a host of financial and managerial challenges. As the bankruptcy looms, the legacy of WeWork raises important questions about the nature of work and the value of physical office spaces.

We’ve all witnessed the empty offices, a somber reminder of the pandemic’s impact. Companies invested heavily in sprawling office spaces, only to see them turn into costly liabilities. In the remote era, businesses are reevaluating the need for large office footprints. They’ve come to recognize that maintaining massive, underutilized spaces is not only a financial burden but also an environmental one, as the energy and resources required to sustain these empty offices have severe ecological and financial consequences.

The solution isn’t necessarily to eliminate offices altogether but rather to downsize and reimagine them. Instead of sprawling offices with 50-100 empty desks, companies should consider reinvesting in smaller workspaces. These spaces can still offer a place for people to escape the work from home habits, foster innovation, and serve as gathering spots for teams to reconnect.

Reducing office space size doesn’t mean severing the vital connections that offices facilitate. Instead, it prompts companies to invest in what matters most: human connection. It’s time to redefine ‘culture’, perhaps by offering monthly, quarterly or annual in-person offsite experiences that can bridge the divide between in-office teams and those working from home. These well-planned events go beyond mandatory team-building exercises, fostering authentic relationships and mutual understanding among colleagues. It puts change in the pocket and deepens ties and buy-in to the purpose and mission statements of companies.

The remote era isn’t about isolation. It’s about choosing when and where you work and how you connect with your colleagues. Remote work can empower employees to find a work-life balance that suits them while maintaining productive collaborations. This model offers flexibility and a break from the dulls of the daily commute, allowing employees to focus on the quality of their work rather than the quantity of hours spent in an office.

Moreover, companies have the opportunity to reduce their carbon footprint by embracing the remote era and shrinking their office spaces. Sustainability is no longer a buzzword but a global imperative and companies do need to show proof that they are making the differences they so often claim. Scaling down office space, coupled with remote work, can significantly contribute to a company’s environmental responsibility.

“Approximately 56% of full-time employees in the U.S. — more than 70 million workers — say their job can be done working remotely from home.” Gallup 2022

The end of the WeWork era marks a pivotal moment in the evolution of work. It’s a time for companies to reevaluate their priorities, balance sheets, and environmental impact. By reducing office space size and investing in unique company retreat experiences, businesses can navigate the ‘Remote’ era successfully. Quarterly in-person offsite experiences, carefully designed and thoughtfully executed, can serve as the bridge between teams, ensuring that remote work doesn’t equate to isolation.

As we bid a farewell to the WeWork hype and embrace the remote era, let us remember that work is not just about places; it’s about people. The office might no longer be the center of our work lives, but it can continue to be a vital hub for connection, creativity, and collaboration in the modern world of work.

November 3, 2023 8 min read

Case Study: The Annual Evolution of Oiselle’s Birdcamp Experience with Allaway Events

By Liam Macleod

At Allaway Events, our commitment to creating exceptional event experiences that leave a lasting impact has been exemplified through our year-on-year partnership with Oiselle and their Birdcamp Experience. This case study delves into our partnership, revealing the journey of Birdcamp’s growth and its growing connection with brand ambassadors and third-party brand activations, fostering an enhanced sense of value.

In 2018, Oiselle turned to us after experiencing limitations at previous venues. Birdcamp’s first year at our flagship property marked the inception of a vibrant journey. Oiselle’s running enthusiasts united for three days of inspiration, motivation, and running. The experience was packed with programming and activities designed to bring people together and inspire them.

Opening welcomes

This opening welcome is here to officially kickstart the event, once everyone has checked-in it’s the first opportunity to bring everyone together and to share the vision for the experience.

Breakout sessions with Oiselle-sponsored athletes.

Oiselle sponsors a team of professional athletes who compete around the world, many of them come to enjoy the community experience but to also share their knowledge with regular runners.

Workout classes.

Engaging and unique classes are added that are not likely offered in typically gyms and sports clubs, Oiselle uses these as an opportunity to provide cool classes with high interest and attendance.

Community runs.

A combination of trail running and road running of various distances is offered at different times so people can come together, get active, get chatty and get confidence.

CEO Keynote.

Many companies are built from the top down, Oiselle is led by the community and their CEO is there to share, listen,

Recreational activities

It can’t be all work no play, so the Allaway team build in recreational sessions that include the chance to take on a 40-element adventure course, archery, volleyball, pickle ball and enjoy waterfront adventures such as canoeing, kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding.

The evenings were filled with engaging programming, including a runway show introducing new product designs and exclusive Birdcamp merchandise, solidifying the sense of community.

  • Key Event Improvements:

    • A new venue with 8+ miles of private trail running options.

    • Oiselle x Allaway Onsite team.

    • Added adventure and waterfront activities.

The second year reinforced the partnership’s depth with year on year growth on ticket sales. With growing attendance we had to revisit logistics, the growing complexity of operations led to the introduction of a digital app for guests which aimed to streamline session sign-ups, provide real time communication, and give guests the opportunity to provide feedback from sessions. This two-way communication allowed Allaway and Oiselle to make improvements.

With extra attendees, we introduced additional programming opportunities, new activities to foster group games and a more expansive list of workshops and sessions that would catering to diverse running interests. These workshops included a writing session in a treehouse and a feedback with apparel designers to create a stronger range of running bras.

With a strong group of returning guests the sense of Oiselle community grew. For Oiselle, and any brand, it’s important to recognize the true significance of customer lifetime value.

This event also had a really unique Oiselle pop-up store where Birdcamp guests would have first, or exclusive access, to new designs and apparel.

  • Key Event Improvements:

    • Introduction of a digital app.

    • Expanded daily programming.

    • A bespoke pop-up store.

“Birdcamp is for bad ass women who know what they want and love what they do” Sally Bergensen CEO

After a brief hiatus due to global pandemic challenges and Oiselle’s Olympic commitments in Tokyo, Birdcamp wanted to, but couldn’t return until 2022.

Although it had been 3 years between events, the operational structure closely resembled the previous Birdcamp. The Oiselle planning team trusted our events team to take care of the nitty gritty details so they could focus on building their community and growing Birdcamp. The third Birdcamp really shows the trust and efficiency achieved over time.

At this event third-party brand activations and partnerships flourished, enhancing the event’s value, brands like Solomon, Garmin and Nuun tapped into the Oiselle community as their target demographics are in alignment, attendees saw the value of this through Welcome Bags filled with goodies, complimentary running shoes, loyalty discounts for smart watches and the chance to stock up on running nutrients.

On the Allaway side, we focused on providing seamless event logistics, revamping the menu’s for bespoke gourmet dining designed for every athletes training plan and of course, new ways to freshen up the program so returners once again felt the variety of activities, sessions and entertainment.

In 2022 the Allaway content production team also captured photo & video content over the course of event that Oiselle could use for recaps, the Birdcamp website, socials and newsletters.

  • Key Event Improvements:

    • Stronger 3rd party brand partnerships.

    • Revamped gourmet food menu.

    • Streamlined event logistics.

    • Content capture and creation.

The fourth year saw the Birdcamp community come back for yet another event. Oiselle understands that an incredible experience makes for better customer lifetime value, and the more returners used word-of-mouth the less they need to rely on additional or traditional advertising to sell tickets. That, alongside the additional content captured from the 2022 event helped them showcase the experience through multi-channel efforts ahead of time. Generating excitement, interest and engagement. People would share their photos from 2022 on social, tag Oiselle and organically increase brand and event awareness. A simple tactic that has a win / win outcome for everyone.

2022 the venue’s continued to build new onsite facilitates with improved accessibility features. The versatility of the venue helps to improve planning efforts but also helps to reduce running costs. Oiselle can now safely and securely store their physical boxes etc onsite between events, eliminating the need for costly cross-country shipping back to Seattle after each event.

  • Key Event Improvements:

    • Simplified pre-event process.

    • Reduced running costs.

    • Enhanced venue accessibility.

This partnership between Oiselle’s Birdcamp experience and Allaway Events has evolved into a symbol of community, positive impact, and brand loyalty. As we look to the future, we anticipate even greater success, bringing more runners and like-minded brands together in the spirit of togetherness and shared passion.

The Oiselle Birdcamp Experience serves as a testament to the transformative power of community and collaboration in the realm of fitness and sports events.

““Hosting Birdcamp with the Allaway team for three years, my gratitude for the staff runs deep. So much love, energy and warmth. They always anticipated our needs, and exceeded them in every way.” ” ATSUKO TAMURA Oiselle President
October 20, 2023 7 min read

Introducing “The Acres” – An Exclusive Event Venue Near NYC

By Liam Macleod

Are you an event planner in search of the ultimate venue that seamlessly merges the rustic charm of a summer camp with the luxurious amenities of a high-end retreat? Look no further; The Acres in North East Pennsylvania is exclusively tailored to meet the unique needs of every event, offering an exceptional experience that leaves a lasting impression.

Location and Accessibility

Convenient Proximity: Tucked away in North East Pennsylvania, The Acres is a strategically situated events venue near New York City, making it an easily accessible destination for Allaway’s events.

International Airports: It boasts excellent proximity to major international airports, including Newark Liberty International Airport and Philadelphia International Airport, guaranteeing a smooth journey for out-of-town attendees.

Spectacular Setting: Nestled within the majestic Pocono Mountains, this venue combines serene natural surroundings with the comforts of modern amenities.

A Unique Blend of Ambiance

Modern Summer Camp Vibes: The Acres seamlessly fuses the essence of a modern summer camp with cozy and inviting vibes, creating the perfect atmosphere for bonding and relaxation.

Upscale Retreat Resort: Luxury doesn’t take a backseat at The Acres. The resort offers top-tier accommodations and amenities, ensuring that even the most discerning Allaway members are pampered.

Versatile Meeting Spaces

Indoor Meeting Spaces: Multiple adaptable indoor spaces cater to different event types and group sizes, from intimate board meetings to grand conferences, offering versatile settings for Allaway’s gatherings.

Outdoor Meeting Spaces: Take your meetings into the open air and harness the natural surroundings with outdoor meeting spots framed by lush greenery, ensuring an inspired and rejuvenating experience.

Immersed in Nature

Scenic Beauty: Surrounded near the enchanting Pocono Mountains, The Acres offers awe-inspiring views that offer a heightened sense of creativity and relaxation.

Nature-Based Team Building: The natural setting is perfect for Allaway’s team-building activities, fostering unity and promoting company bonding.

Outdoor Adventures: Adventure enthusiasts can explore nearby hiking trails, engage in kayaking on the private 35 acre spring fed lake, or unwind around a campfire under the starlit sky with our bespoke “Acres” s’mores packages.

Comprehensive Event Services

Full Catering: The Acres offers an exceptional onsite catering service, ensuring that guests will experience high quality, gourmet meals that cater to a variety of dietary preferences.

Bar Service: The venue offers a wide variety of onsite bars that can be customized for each event. It also provides a full bartending team that are RAMP certified and has it’s own liquor license. So you don’t have to worry about any unexpected paperwork!

Event Management: Our professional event planners have ran over 100+ events here, so you can trust us in organizing every detail of your event.

Onsite Events Team: A highly trained and experienced onsite events team is at your disposal to guarantee that everything runs without a hitch.

Qualified Staff: A team of qualified staff is available to manage every aspect of the venue, from accommodations and running activities to full IT/AV technical support.

Entertainment and Activities

Endless Options: The Acres offers a wide range of programming and entertainment options to keep guests engaged and entertained throughout their stay. With over 50+ onsite experiences it’s in a rare club of venues that provide something for everyone, adventure, waterfront, sports, arts and more.

Customized Itineraries: Tailor your event schedule with activities that align with your group interests and needs. Diversity your event through an unrivaled number of offerings.

Get in touch with us to see the full Acres brochure with more detail.

The Acres is a modern events venue near NYC.

Key Features

Dining: On-site dining options serve gourmet cuisine, with customizable menu choices to satisfy every palate.

Technology: State-of-the-art audio-visual equipment and high-speed Wi-Fi connectivity, facilitating seamless presentations and meetings.

Recreation: A variety of recreational facilities, including a swimming pool, sports courts, and a well-equipped fitness center.

Convenient Parking: Ample parking space for Allaway members, ensuring ease of access to the venue.

Pricing and Booking

Customized Packages: The Acres offers flexible pricing options and customizable packages to meet the unique requirements of your budget.

Booking Fees: Consider booking well in advance to secure your preferred dates, the bigger the group, the better the price per person.

Final Thoughts

For Allaway, The Acres represents more than just a venue. It’s an exclusive destination tailored to meet your unique event needs. Whether you’re planning a corporate retreat, a festival, or a ticketed branded experience, The Acres has everything you need and more. Connect with us today to make your next event an unforgettable experience, where the backdrop of nature meets the comforts of a high-end resort. Book now and create lasting memories for your guests.

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Unique Event Themes: A girl parties at a Coachella themed event while a band plays in the background.
September 15, 2023 5 min read

Exploring Unique Events Themes for Your Next Production

By Liam Macleod

When it comes to organizing production events, standing out from the crowd is key to creating a memorable experience for attendees. One way to achieve this is by selecting unique event themes that capture their imagination and leave a lasting impression. In this blog post, we will delve into some exciting and unconventional themes that can elevate your production events to new heights. Let’s explore!


Unique Event Themes: A girl parties at a Coachella themed event while a band plays in the background.

Immerse your team in a corporate retreat like no other, as you transport them to the vibrant and energetic world of a Coachella-themed escape. This theme offers employee buy in at a whole different level; it’s an experience that infuses creativity, collaboration, and inspiration. Pack the retreat full of live music, branded swag, and aim for a festival atmosphere at its core, your team will find themselves in an environment that sparks innovation and fosters a unique sense of camaraderie. From interactive workshops in bohemian-styled tents to brainstorming sessions under the open sky, the Coachella theme brings a fusion of professional growth and the free-spirited nature of a music festival.

Into the Wild

Embark on an unforgettable journey with an “Into the Wild” themed company retreat, designed to reconnect your team with nature’s beauty and their own untapped potential. This retreat theme helps create a transformative escape from the everyday hustle and invites your team to venture into the heart of the wilderness. Choose one of our nature inspired venues where you can arrange nature hikes through our trails, design team-building challenges that mirror the wild’s unpredictability, and enjoy evenings spent sharing stories and s’mores around campfires. As your team navigates the event, they’ll learn valuable lessons in adaptability, teamwork, and resourcefulness. This theme seamlessly blends adventure with personal growth, providing a space for introspection and fresh perspectives.

Summer Camp

Escape the ordinary and embrace nostalgia with our “Adult Summer Camp” themed company retreat, a unique experience that channels the carefree spirit of childhood while fostering professional growth. Picture your team engaging in classic camp activities like archery, canoeing, and campfire storytelling. This retreat redefines team-building through playful competitions and challenges that encourage collaboration and creativity. While relishing in the joys of a traditional summer camp, your team will also partake in tailored workshops and discussions designed to enhance their skills and teamwork. Break down barriers, foster connections, and tap into the simplicity of summer days while reaping the benefits of a revitalized and more cohesive team. Get ready to unleash your inner child and forge lasting bonds at our Adult Summer Camp retreat.

Our friends at Camp No Counselors do these types of private events better than anyone!

Starry Starry Night

Elevate your company retreat to celestial heights with an enchanting “Starry Starry Night” theme. Pick one of our more remote venues off the beaten trail and let your team embark on a journey of discovery and inspiration. Evenings spent stargazing and and enjoying dance parties under the stars. Day time is spent enjoying wellness activities like Yoga or Paint & Sip by great lakes. Sprinkle it between team strategic brainstorming sessions and goal-setting discussions. As the night unfolds, a blend of workshops and relaxation activities will create a balanced experience that invigorates both mind and spirit. This ethereal theme encapsulates the beauty of the universe, igniting creativity and fostering unity among your team members.

Choosing a unique theme for your production event can significantly enhance the overall experience for attendees, leaving a lasting impression that sets your event apart. Whether it’s the Coachella, Into the Wild, Summer Camp, or Starry Starry Nights, these themes offer exciting opportunities to create immersive environments and engage guests on a deeper level. Embrace creativity, surprise your attendees, and watch your production event become an extraordinary success.

Themes help create an emotional connection with attendees, and they provide a unique framework for creativity and engagement. So go ahead and explore the endless possibilities of unique event themes!

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A large group of people smiling during their company offsite.
September 8, 2023 6 min read

7 Signs That Your Company Team Needs an Offsite Retreat

By Liam Macleod

In today’s fast-paced corporate world, maintaining a high-performing and cohesive team is crucial for long-term success. Sometimes, the daily grind can take a toll on team dynamics, communication, and overall productivity. If you notice any of the following signs within your office, it may be a clear indication that your team needs an offsite retreat. By reconnecting in a different environment, you can revitalize your team’s spirit, foster collaboration, and reignite their passion for achieving collective goals. Let’s explore the seven signs that it’s time for an offsite retreat:

Lack of Communication & Collaboration

  1. If you notice a decline in open communication and collaboration among team members, it’s a strong indication that an offsite retreat is necessary. Inefficient communication can lead to misunderstandings, decreased productivity, and missed deadlines. An offsite retreat offers an opportunity for team members to bond, break down barriers, and develop stronger interpersonal relationships that translate into better teamwork.

Example: The marketing and sales teams have been struggling to align their strategies and communicate effectively, resulting in missed leads and poor customer satisfaction.

Low Morale & Engagement

  1. When team members exhibit signs of low morale, such as decreased enthusiasm, lack of motivation, or increased absenteeism, it’s time to consider an offsite retreat. A change of scenery can help reinvigorate employees, boost their morale, and reignite their passion for their work. It provides an opportunity to address individual concerns, foster a positive work environment, and reignite the team’s collective energy.

Example: Employees have been expressing dissatisfaction with their work environment, leading to increased turnover rates and a decline in overall team morale.

Conflict & Tension

  1. If conflicts among team members have become a common occurrence, it’s a clear sign that an offsite retreat is needed. Conflicts can hinder productivity, damage relationships, and create a toxic work environment. A retreat allows team members to engage in team-building activities, open up dialogues, and address any underlying issues, promoting a more harmonious and collaborative work environment.

Example: A recent project failure has caused tensions to rise between different departments, resulting in blame games, lack of trust, and reduced teamwork.

Creativity & Innovation Stagnation

  1. A lack of fresh ideas, innovative thinking, and creative problem-solving can indicate that your team is stuck in a rut. By taking your team offsite, you provide an opportunity to break free from routine and explore new perspectives. Engaging in brainstorming sessions, workshops, and interactive activities during the retreat can reignite creativity and inspire innovative solutions to challenges.

Example: The product development team has been struggling to come up with new ideas, resulting in stagnation and an inability to keep up with market demands.

Declining Team Performance

  1. If your team’s performance has been consistently declining, an offsite retreat can be a game-changer. By focusing on team-building exercises, skill development workshops, and goal-setting sessions, you can re-establish clear objectives, redefine roles, and enhance individual and team performance. The retreat can also provide an opportunity for managers to identify and address any systemic issues hindering performance.

Example: Key performance indicators (KPIs) have been consistently missed, affecting overall team performance and jeopardizing business goals.

Lack of Trust & Engagement with Leadership

  1. When team members feel disconnected from leadership or lack trust in management, it can severely impact morale and productivity. An offsite retreat offers a chance for leaders to engage with the team on a personal level, actively listen to their concerns, and build trust through open and transparent communication. This can help foster a positive culture and increase employee engagement and loyalty.

Example: There is a significant gap in communication between senior management and employees, leading to decreased employee trust and disengagement.

High Stress & Burnout Levels

  1. If stress levels among team members are high, and burnout is becoming a common occurrence, an offsite retreat can provide a much-needed break. By taking employees out of the office environment, you create an opportunity for relaxation, team bonding, and rejuvenation. Activities focused on stress reduction, self-care, and work-life balance can help alleviate burnout symptoms and improve overall well-being.

Example: Employees are consistently working long hours, facing high workloads, and experiencing signs of burnout, resulting in decreased productivity and increased sick leave.

Recognizing the signs that your office team needs an offsite retreat is essential for fostering a positive work environment, improving communication, and enhancing team dynamics. By addressing workplace problems through an offsite retreat, you provide an opportunity for your team to reconnect, recharge, and return with renewed energy and motivation. Investing in team development can lead to improved collaboration, increased productivity, and a happier, more engaged workforce.

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The Allaway Event Planning Team smile for a photo during an offsite.
September 1, 2023 6 min read

The Role of Event Planners: Making Life Easier for Companies

By Liam Macleod

In the fast-paced and competitive business world, hosting a successful event can make all the difference in achieving corporate goals and leaving a lasting impression on attendees. However, planning and executing an event, be it a conference, product launch, or corporate gathering, can be an intricate and time-consuming process. This is where the expertise and assistance of professional event planners come into play. By enlisting the services of a skilled team of event planners, companies can ensure a seamless and memorable experience for both guests and organizers. In this article, we delve into the reasons why companies should consider utilizing event planners for their next event, highlighting the benefits and invaluable contributions they bring to the table.

Expertise & Experience

First of all, people in the events industry possess specialized knowledge and experience in organizing a wide range of events, making them well-versed in the intricacies of logistics, budgeting, and event design. Their industry expertise enables them to navigate potential challenges and anticipate issues before they arise. From selecting the perfect venue to managing vendor contracts and negotiating prices, event planners bring a level of proficiency that can significantly streamline the planning process.

Comprehensive Event Design

Creating a captivating event experience requires close attention to detail and a thorough understanding of the desired objectives. Event planners excel in conceptualizing and designing events that align with a company’s brand identity and goals. They work closely with clients to understand their vision and transform it into a tangible reality, incorporating innovative ideas, aesthetics, and strategic planning. From event theming and decor to audiovisual elements and interactive activities, event planners curate an immersive experience that captivates attendees and leaves a lasting impression.

Efficient Project Management

Executing a successful event involves juggling multiple tasks and deadlines, and professionals excel in managing these complexities. They develop comprehensive project timelines, breaking down the planning process into manageable phases and ensuring all tasks are completed on schedule. With their exceptional organizational skills, event planners coordinate various aspects of the event, including catering, transportation, audiovisual production, guest registration, and more. This streamlined project management approach frees up valuable time for company employees, allowing them to focus on their core responsibilities and ensuring a seamless event execution.

Access to Extensive Networks

Those who know this world will have established robust networks and connections within the event industry, giving them access to a wide range of reliable vendors, suppliers, and service providers. Leveraging these relationships, event planners can secure favorable pricing, negotiate contracts, and source high-quality services. Whether it’s finding the ideal caterer, arranging transportation, or booking entertainment, event planners have the know-how and connections to curate an exceptional event while optimizing costs.

Risk Mitigation & Contingency Planning

Even with professional planning, unexpected challenges can arise during an event. A planning team will excel in risk mitigation and contingency planning, minimizing the impact of unforeseen circumstances. They anticipate potential risks and devise backup plans to ensure seamless event flow, managing issues such as weather disruptions, technical glitches, or changes in guest count. With their expertise, event planners offer peace of mind to companies, knowing that any unforeseen challenges will be handled swiftly and efficiently.

Enhanced Attendee Experience

Delivering a memorable experience for attendees is paramount to the success of any event. Expert teams focus on creating a seamless and engaging environment that maximizes guest satisfaction. They ensure all aspects of the event, from registration to seating arrangements and entertainment, are meticulously planned to provide an enjoyable and impactful experience. By incorporating creative elements and interactive activities, event planners keep attendees engaged, fostering positive brand perception and leaving a lasting impression.

In the competitive corporate landscape, hosting a successful event requires careful planning, attention to detail, and effective execution. By enlisting the services of experienced event planners, companies can alleviate the burden of event management and tap into a wealth of expertise and resources. From comprehensive event design to efficient project management and risk mitigation, event planners bring a bundle of benefits that can make the planning process easier and deliver stronger results. By partnering with event planners, companies can ensure their next event becomes an unforgettable experience that aligns with their objectives and reinforces their brand image.

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A large group of people are smiling for their corporate retreat photo
August 25, 2023 6 min read

Corporate Retreat Planning: A Step-by-Step How to Guide

By Liam Macleod

Welcome, fellow corporate adventurers! Corporate retreat planning is an exciting and rewarding endeavor that can foster team building, boost employee morale, and unleash boundless creativity. This is ideally for the first time event planners embarking on the corporate retreat planning journey for the first time, this comprehensive guide will take you through every step of the process, ensuring that your corporate retreat becomes a memorable and productive experience.

So, let’s roll up our sleeves, put on our planning hats, and dive into the world of corporate retreats!

Step 1

Define Your Objectives and Budget

Before you can embark on the corporate retreat planning adventure, it’s essential to clearly define your objectives. Are you aiming to foster innovation, enhance team dynamics, or develop leadership skills? Identifying your goals will help shape the entire planning process. Additionally, determining your budget upfront will ensure you stay on track and make informed decisions about venue, activities, and amenities.

At Allaway we always look to build your bespoke corporate retreat experience within your budget range. We will meet with you on an initial call to listen to your vision and to build you a proposal.

Step 2

Choose the Perfect Location

Now comes the fun part – selecting a location that sets the stage for a memorable retreat. Consider factors such as accessibility, ambiance, and proximity to the office or nature. Whether it’s a serene mountain lodge or a modern beachfront resort, choose a place that inspires creativity and relaxation.

Step 3

Plan Transportation Logistics

Smooth transportation logistics are vital for a stress-free retreat. Research the best travel options for your team, taking into account factors like distance, cost, and convenience. Whether you opt for flights, trains, or chartered buses, make sure to coordinate the logistics well in advance. A friendly reminder: don’t forget to arrange for transportation to and from the venue once you reach your destination.

The Allaway team has a dedicated transport & logistics director who will lead on pre & post event travel co-ordination!

Step 4

Create a Detailed Itinerary

An itinerary serves as the roadmap for your retreat, ensuring that everything runs smoothly. Incorporate a healthy balance of team-building activities, workshops, brainstorming sessions, and downtime for relaxation. Remember to factor in breaks and allow some flexibility to accommodate unforeseen circumstances or spontaneous team bonding opportunities.

Step 5

Arrange for Conference Facilities and Amenities

To ensure productive work sessions, it’s crucial to have well-equipped conference facilities. Check if the venue provides projectors, whiteboards, and high-speed internet access. Also, consider the layout of the meeting rooms to facilitate effective communication and collaboration. And let’s not forget the all-important coffee and snack stations to keep those creative juices flowing!

Step 6

Plan Engaging Team-Building Activities

Corporate retreats are an excellent opportunity for team building and fostering camaraderie. Organize a variety of engaging activities such as ropes courses, scavenger hunts, or trust-building exercises. These activities encourage teamwork, problem-solving, and improve communication within the team. Don’t forget to infuse a sense of fun and friendly competition!

Step 7

Catering and Dietary Considerations

Delicious food is a surefire way to keep everyone happy and energized throughout the retreat. Coordinate with the venue’s catering services to ensure a well-rounded menu that caters to various dietary preferences and restrictions. From energizing breakfasts to sumptuous lunches and delightful dinners, a satisfied stomach is key to a successful retreat.

Step 8

Provide Connectivity and Technology Support

In today’s digital age, a reliable Wi-Fi connection is a must-have for seamless communication and productivity during the retreat. Confirm that the venue offers stable internet access, especially if you plan on incorporating virtual presentations or remote team members. Additionally, consider having tech support on standby to troubleshoot any technical glitches that may arise.

Step 9

Encourage Wellness and Relaxation

While the retreat should focus on work objectives, it’s equally important to prioritize wellness and relaxation. Arrange for rejuvenating activities like yoga or meditation sessions, spa treatments, or even a group hike in nature. A well-rested and rejuvenated team is more likely to excel in both professional and personal endeavors.

Step 10

Capture Memories and Reflect

After a successful corporate retreat, don’t forget to capture the memories! Arrange for a professional photographer or create a designated photo-sharing platform for everyone to share their favorite moments. Additionally, gather feedback from participants to evaluate the retreat’s success and identify areas for improvement in future events.

Corporate retreat planning is an opportunity to create lasting memories, strengthen bonds, and foster a more cohesive and motivated team. By following this step-by-step guide, you’ll be well-equipped to organize an unforgettable retreat that meets your objectives and leaves a lasting positive impact. Remember, infuse your planning process with a touch of your own friendly personality, and don’t be afraid to inject some fun into the mix. Now, go forth and plan an extraordinary corporate retreat that will be talked about for years to come!

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A group of people sit around a campfire, they are happy employees making s'mores.
August 18, 2023 4 min read

Boosting Employee Retention Through The Power of Company Retreats

By Liam Macleod

In today’s competitive business landscape, employee retention and morale play vital roles in the long-term success of any organization. Employers are increasingly recognizing the importance of fostering a positive work environment that engages and retains talented employees. One effective strategy gaining popularity is the annual company retreat. This blog will delve into the reasons why employers should consider booking an annual retreat, backed by compelling statistics that highlight the positive impact such events have on employee retention and morale.

Fostering a Sense of Belonging

Company retreats provide a unique opportunity for employees to connect and bond with one another outside of the regular work setting. Employees believe that a strong sense of belonging is crucial to their job satisfaction. By creating an inclusive and collaborative environment during retreats, employers can enhance team cohesion and strengthen interpersonal relationships, leading to increased morale and loyalty among employees.

Break from Routine and Refreshment

Monotonous work routines can lead to decreased motivation and productivity. Annual company retreats offer a refreshing break from the daily grind, allowing employees to recharge and refocus. By investing in retreats, employers demonstrate their commitment to the well-being of their workforce, which in turn boosts morale and motivates employees to perform at their best.

Professional Development and Learning

Company retreats can be an excellent platform for professional development and learning opportunities. Bringing in industry experts, conducting workshops, or organizing skill-building activities during the retreats can empower employees to enhance their knowledge and skills. By incorporating educational elements into retreats, employers not only inspire employees but also demonstrate their commitment to their growth, resulting in higher engagement and increased retention.

Recognition and Rewards

Recognizing employee contributions and achievements is essential for creating a positive work culture. Company retreats offer a prime occasion to acknowledge and celebrate individual and team successes. Research by Gallup indicates that employees who feel recognized and appreciated are more engaged and less likely to seek employment elsewhere. By publicly acknowledging employees’ accomplishments during retreats, employers strengthen their emotional connection with their workforce, which ultimately leads to increased morale and retention.

Enhanced Communication and Feedback

Effective communication is the cornerstone of a thriving workplace. Company retreats facilitate open and honest dialogue between employees and employers. These events provide an informal setting for employees to express their ideas, concerns, and feedback directly to management. A study by Gallup found that employees who feel their voices are heard are 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work. By actively listening and responding to employee feedback during retreats, employers foster trust, strengthen relationships, and cultivate a positive work environment.

The positive impact of company retreats on employee retention and morale is undeniable. By investing in annual retreats, employers can cultivate a sense of belonging, offer a break from routine, promote professional development, recognize achievements, and improve communication within their organizations. The statistics presented in this blog provide compelling evidence that company retreats can be a valuable investment for organizations seeking to boost employee morale and retention. By prioritizing their employees’ well-being and creating a positive work culture, employers can position their organizations for long-term success in today’s competitive business landscape.

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A barista smiles at the camera, on the table are a series of different chocolate bars for people to sample
August 11, 2023 4 min read

Onsite Brand Activations: Ignite Conversation at Your Production Event

By Liam Macleod

When it comes to hosting a production event, creating memorable experiences and generating buzz around your brand is essential. Onsite brand activations provide the perfect opportunity to engage and captivate attendees, leaving a lasting impression. In this blog, we will explore several great ideas that are sure to get people talking at your production event.

Airstream Bar with Live Music

Picture this: an impeccably designed Airstream trailer transformed into a sleek and stylish bar, complete with a talented live band. This combination of a unique venue and live music sets the stage for an unforgettable brand activation. Attendees can enjoy their favorite beverages, mingle with others, and groove to the rhythm, all while immersing themselves in the ambiance of the Airstream bar. The visual appeal and the interactive element will undoubtedly spark conversations among attendees and leave a lasting impression.

360 Photo Booth with Props

Make your event memorable by incorporating a cutting-edge 360-degree photo booth. This innovative booth allows attendees to capture moments from every angle, providing an immersive and shareable experience. Add a touch of fun by offering a selection of creative props, such as themed hats, wigs, or quirky accessories. Not only will this encourage attendees to showcase their creativity, but the resulting photos are sure to generate social media buzz, sparking conversations and curiosity among those who missed out. This is one of our favorite onsite brand activations!

Interactive Art Installations

Create a visually captivating atmosphere by incorporating interactive art installations into your production event. These installations can range from large-scale sculptures to interactive digital displays. For example, you could set up a wall of LED panels that react to attendees’ movements, creating a mesmerizing visual experience. By encouraging attendees to engage with the art installations, you provide them with an opportunity to become part of the artwork. This immersive and shareable experience will undoubtedly spark conversations, as attendees discuss the awe-inspiring nature of the installations.

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Customizable Swag Stations

Everyone loves freebies, especially when they are customizable and unique. Set up swag stations where attendees can personalize their giveaways. Offer a variety of items, such as t-shirts, tote bags, or phone cases, and provide different customization options, including screen printing, embroidery, or heat transfer. Not only will this allow attendees to take home a one-of-a-kind keepsake, but it will also generate conversations as they proudly showcase their personalized swag to others.

Onsite Brand Activations

Food and drinks are an integral part of any event, so why not make them interactive? Incorporate food and beverage stations that offer unique experiences, such as custom cocktail bars or build-your-own food stations. For example, you could set up a molecular gastronomy bar where mixologists create visually stunning and delicious concoctions using scientific techniques. The interactive nature of these stations will undoubtedly pique attendees’ curiosity, leading to conversations and sharing of their experiences.

Onsite brand activations at production events offer an excellent opportunity to create memorable experiences that leave attendees talking long after the event concludes. By incorporating innovative ideas such as an Airstream Bar with Live Music, a 360 Photo Booth with Props, interactive art installations, VR experiences, customizable swag stations, and interactive food and beverage stations, you can captivate your audience

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